Intensive Bootcamp


Riding lessons and training

For those who want to return to riding and enjoy some quality time on horseback in stunning English countryside. Bespoke training from novice to more advanced who want to benefit from the INShowjumpers teams’ knowledge and expertise.
We don’t cater for total beginners. Our focus is providing tailored professional training with client friendly enjoyable delivery. We are solution focussed whether you are looking to ride in the countryside, train at a novice to intermediate level or are already well on your way but want to build a step plan to success at national or international level. We have the drive, energy and passion to help you dream your dreams and make them come true.
Nahio Takahara
Restaurant Chef


Tim & Anna have both represented their country at the top of the showjumping and eventing sports and have themselves trained with some of the best trainers in the world.


Training can be provided on your own horse and we also can provide lease horses for training.

Horse boarding and Livery

An Oasis for your horses

A beautiful setting in the middle of the green lush English countryside, far away from traffic and the busy city life, yet so close to the rest of the world that with a 20 minute commute to Heathrow Airport.


The renovation of the farm to a combination of old heritage and new functional, clean and horse friendly design.

Fields and Pastures

The surrounding fields and landscape, which are all part of the estate, provide a home where horses can have the very best natural setting to be a horse.

Board and Management

We work with each client and their horses to provide a tailored livery service dependent on the needs of both horse and rider.


Sales and consulting

We can use our proven expertise to help you find a horse that matches your needs.   Finding the right horse is not easy, but with patience and the right  expertise alongside you on this journey the end result is hours, days, weeks and years of fun and learning.
Nahio Takahara
Restaurant Chef

Proven Process

We have for the last 15 years used a proven process to identify horses for IN Showjumpers investment companies and for clients.

Network of trusted contacts

We have developed a small network of trusted contacts to work with to maximise the purchasing success rate.

Track record

We have identified horses that have jumped at the very top of the sport, have represented their country at Junior and Young Rider level. Equally we have found starting level horses and ponies for clients as the horse for today is often not the horse you will need after 12/24 months of training.

Advanced training

Bespoke Training, and Planning Services

We have the experience and expertise to provide one on one dedicated coaching.

Horse selection on this journey

We know the qualities a horse needs to support a rider on their journey to the top of the sport.

Competition & training program

A focussed training and competition plan is essential. We have knowledge of the competitions where you will accelerate your journey to the top. Great arenas, quality stabling and warm up, confidence building course builders.

It takes a Village!

A successful journey at this level is not possible without top quality experienced grooms.  Access to the best competition vets, farriers, physios etc. 

Logistics organisation should also not be underestimated.  With access to quality stables throughout Europe we can ensure your horses are before competing.

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