"Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true"

Christmas is always a time for reflection and planning as I spend quality special time with the horses at home over the festive season.
Published  14.01.2019
What a journey we have been on over the past six years, as the business has evolved and developed, always retaining our focus on quality not quantity and integrity, patience and correct training over rushing to the finishing line.

Spectacular highs, spectacular lows, steep learning curves, character building moments … with blood, sweat and tears mixed with laughter and celebration … However, I can honestly say from my heart and soul, that since the inception of the business in 2012 I have never been as happy with the quality of the horses owned by the business.

We haven’t let go of the vision and the past years of patient perseverance by the team to find young top quality young horses that will be champions of the future, followed by hours, days, weeks, months of training and top management by riders and grooms will shine through on the global stage this year! The business is only as strong as the team, without whom none of this could have happened. 

Thank you to the amazing team… to Patrick Vandereyt without whom we wouldn’t have found these unicorns! To the team, Steve Wilks – the ever patient accountant, our riders Tim and Anna Wilks and Luke Barham.. Super grooms Karen Andersson, Sally- Jo Palmer, Josef Brecka and Conor Moore and my fellow Directors who have always been there with words of wisdom and direction.

2019 and MET Oliva here we come!
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